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LPG tank
32 cbm LPG storage tank
  • 32 cbm LPG storage tank
  • 32 cbm LPG storage tank
  • 32 cbm LPG storage tank
  • 32 cbm LPG storage tank

32 cbm LPG storage tank

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Contact:Michael Tu
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          Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd is a famous specialied manufacturer of pressure vessels such as LPG tank,LPG storage tank,tank container etc.    We aim to" credit, pragmatic, innovative, progressive" develop and manufacture special vehicles with good quality and competitive price.  


                                                     32 cbm LPG storage tank


    Item No.


    Volume of Tank (cbm)


    Tare Weight (kg)

    7710 kg

    Filling Capacity (kg)

    12768 kg

    Thickness of Shell (mm)


    Thickness of Endplate (mm)


    tank cylinder diameter(mm)


    External Dimensions (mm)



    Material of Tank and Main Pressure Parts

    Carbon Steel Q345R

    Filling Medium

    Liquefied Petroleum Gas

    Design Pressure

    1.77MPa ( 256.65 Psi)

    Corrosion Allowance

    1 mm

    Medium Density

    420 kg/ cbm



    Safety valve, magnetic flap liquid level gauge, pressure gauge, thermometer, cut-off valves, etc.

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    ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd                              

    ADD: South Suburb ChengLi Vehicle Industry Park, Suizhou, Hubei Province,China.


    Contact person: Mr.Michael Tu

    Foreign Trade Department


    Mob: +86-15997863665




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