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LPG Pump Installation Guide Writer:Michael Date:2016-05-06

LPG pump is necessary equipment in a LPG station,we install it according to the right standard.

As a general rule,a pressure gauge placed on the inlet of the pump should not drop more than 2 psi when the pump is started.

If total restrictions to flow from LPG storage tanks to the pump inlet result in a pressure loss of more than 2 psi,then the result will be loss of capacity because of an increased amount of vapor entering the pump.


Place the pump below the bottom level of the LPG storage tanks.

Place the pump as near to the supply tank as possible(ideally right below it).

Use inlet piping the next size diameter larger than the pump inlet.

Use the absolute minimum number of elbows,valves and connections possible…avoiding excessive restrictive fittings like globe valves.

Avoid loops in the piping,which allow pockets to accumulate.


Slope the piping from the lowest point at the pump inlet back upwards toward the LPG storage tanks so that vapor in pipes will draft back up toward the tank and not into the pump…

Select an excess flow valve with minimal restriction characteristics.

Use an inlet strainer with minimal pressure drop.Locate it as far away from the pump inlet as possible.

Use a flexible connector away from the immediate areas of the pump suction port to minimize piping stress.


Use an external bypass valve in the discharge line,which returns flow back to the LPG storage tanks.

A vapor return line will allow the tank being emptied to maintain sufficient vapor pressure(to keep the liquefied gas in a liquid form),even when more than 2 1/2 percent of the tank’s volume is being removed each minute.

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