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LPG Distribution Chain Writer:Michael Date:2016-05-05

Following is LPG distribution chain:

Step 1  Oil & gas production

Oil refinery process and refine oil & gas into more useful products such as petroleum naphtha,gasline,diesel fuel and liquefied petroleum gas.

Step 2  Transportation

LPG is transported from one refinery to another by sea or by truck.

Step 3  Refining & Storage

Oil refinery make it into LPG and storage it with LPG storage tanks or ball tank.

Step 4  Transportation

LPG products storaged in large city will be moved to many small LPG station in countries.

Step 5  Botting & Storage

There are usually several LPG storage tanks in a station,people can acquire LPG directly from the station.

Step 6  Distribution

LPG station will distribute LPG to everybody with LPG cylinder.

Step 7  End users

LPG storage tanks


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