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10,000 gallon LPG storage tank Writer:Michael Date:2016-05-04

We mainly manufacture pressure vessels such as LPG storage tanks,LPG tank truck,LPG tank semi-trailer for years.You can see the product quality from welding details,Following is the technical parameter of 10,000 gallon LPG storage tanks:

Item No.


Volume of Tank (gallon)


Tare Weight (kg)

9430 kg

Filling Capacity (kg)

15162 kg

Thickness of Shell (mm)


Thickness of Endplate (mm)


tank cylinder diameter (mm)


External Dimensions (mm)



Material of Tank and Main Pressure Parts

Carbon Steel Q345R

Filling Medium

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Design Pressure

1.77MPa ( 256.65 Psi)

Corrosion Allowance

1 mm

Medium Density

420 kg/ cbm

We shall pay attention to safety problems in the building LPG station process for LPG gas is easy to leakage if the pipe or LPG storage tanks is not installed well.It make our life more convenience when compared with traditional fuel.

Now many people choose to make a LPG skid station,they think it is more convenience because it can fill LPG gas to users directly and can be transported anywhere they want.


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