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How to Build a LPG Station Writer:Cheng Li Date:2016-04-08

People all over the world need fuel for their cars, trucks, and their lives, LPG gas is widely used. Gas stations can be good investments and profit margins have been growing in recent years. However, successfully opening and running a LPG filling station requires smart planning . You will need to make a business plan, choose a location, design and install the equipments, and run your store effectively.  

First,you should get a professional opinion about estimated expenses and income.An analysis of the local market and competition will need to be included.Provide a detailed plan of the organization and management of the business and make a detailed budget and estimation of start up costs.Most gas station owners are liable for any gas and spills from underground LPG storage tanks under EPA or other equivalent regulations. It will cost you much to buy LPG stations equipments such as LPG storage tanks,ball valves,LPG pump,pipes and so on.

Second,Choosing a Location for Your LPG filling station.Market analysis has shown that one of the top things a consumer thinks about in choosing a gas station is location.Customers will want a location that is along a major route to work and convenient in terms of traffic patterns.Look into areas where there is a lot of growth, such as around major cities. Consider hiring a modeler to work with you. Many companies exist for site modeling. These professionals will help you build a digital model of your gas station at the site you are planning.This can help you decide whether or not your design is feasible at the location and if there is too much competition nearby.If your site is close to an interstate or major highway exit, consider investing in advertising signage along that route to increase your business.

Third,find professional people to design LPG filling station and install relevant equipments.The design company must have the qualification.There are many steps need to carry out in the build process such as flaw detection,hydrostatic test,nitrogen gas replacement about LPG storage tanks.You will be secure to work in the LPG station.

Last,establish regular hours of operation. Customers will not want to wait for opening.



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