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LPG Skid Refuelling Station Writer:Cheng Li Date:2016-03-25

1.General description

We manufacture Auto Gas stations for filling LP gas in cars and other vehicles.This is a custom built ready to  install plant.

There are various models available with LPG storage tank capacity ranging from 3000 Liters to 120000 Liters and with the choice of single or double nozzle LPG dispenser.

The unit comes with all safety features as per norms.

The unit is easy to install and operate and much cheaper as compared to other plants.

2.Standard features

1) Minimum Installation Area.

2) Self Filling System.

3) Available for 24hrs.

4) Lowest Installation Cost.

5) Portable System.

3Technical data

1) Delivered product: LPG

2) Temperature range: -20℃~50

3) Design pressure:1.8Mpa

4) Flow rate: depending on the type of pump installed

5) Tension: 380V/50Hz

4. LPG Skid Equipment

1) LPG storage tank

2) LPG pump

3) LPG ball valves

4) other equipments


LPG storage tanks


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