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200 cbm LPG Storage Tanks Put Into Production Writer:Cheng Li Date:2016-03-10

The company ushered in the opener of pressure vessel manufacturers, producing a large chemical companies bidding for LPG storage tanks manufacturers. Our company with excellent quality, superior quality and industry skill eventually wins the precipitation chemical companies recognition. More than a dozen large order of 200 cubic meters LPG storage tanks in my company entrusted pressure vessel plant.

The production of 200 cubic meters LPG storage tanks is a great opportunity for a new test of our production quality and technology, it is also showcasing the brand again. Employees are proud and ready to fight this impressive performance.

Its diameter is 3,400 mm, the cylinder thickness is 18 mm ,the head thickness is 20 mm, the total length of 22.6 meters, with a total weight of 38.6 tons. In the LPG storage tanks  manufacturing process, we will face unprecedented challenges because of the thicker material and longer overall size. Welding, cupping, heat treatment and some other aspects need to be seriously addressed in order to create a satisfactory product.

We have been focusing on strict product quality and good after-sales service, Our company have come in the forefront of the domestic industry pressure vessels.

LPG storage tanks

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