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Magnetic Level Meter for LPG Storage Tank Writer:Cheng Li Date:2016-03-08

How can you measure the amount of LPG gas remaining in a storage tank of LPG skid station? It is very important for operater to read the level meter of LPG storage tank in a LPG skid station.Then magnetic level meter is widely used on the tank to solve the problem.

Magnetic level meter is made up of vent plug,indicator,float chamber,indicator tube and drain flange.


The basic magnetic level meter offers simple visual level indication.Level swithches can be added,external to the float chamber,for alarm or control.These swithches can easily be moved up or down the float chamber without shutting down or disturbing the process.

The float chamber is typically a 2 1/2 inch stainless steel pipe with process connections that match those of the LPG storage tank. All gages are custom made;any piping configuration is available.


The float construction is determined by the process fluid,pressure and temperature,and the specific gravity of the process fluid.Most processes use a stainless steel float,but other materials of construction are available,including exotic metals and plastics.In the sealed float is a 360°ring of magnets. 

The magnetic level meters are safe because the fluid never contacts the indicating glass.Should the glass ever break,there is no possibility of leakage.This is important if the liquid being measured is toxic,corrosive,flammable and/or in a high pressure or high temperature service.

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