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Safety Distance between LPG Storage Tank Writer:Cheng Li Date:2016-03-05

The person who want to build LPG filling station may ask for the following questions.How much area dose it need for a new LPG filling station? How long distance should we reserve for the safety acquirement between LPG storage tank and enclosure wall.We can find the foundation from the LPG safety rules.In fact,the safety distance is very important for LPG filling station.


The safety distance can reduce the radiant energy of burning section to near tanks and equipment,avoiding them igniting and the fire extending.For the PLG is characterized by big fire hazards,the safety distance for tanks should be considered as big.The safety distance for prevention of fires is not allowed less than the diameter of the bigger tank in the both.The LPG storage tank laid by groups should set a single one.The safety distance between one group and other group is not less than 20 m.The safety distances between the tanks or tanks section and construction,stack field,road as so on ought to fit with the fire code.A fire took place at a PLG station of Mexico national petroleum company on 10th of November 1984,because of pipe line leakage.The fire produced a boiling liquid expanding vapor explosion and caused 650 person died,6 000 persons injured and the property of 22 500 000 dollar lost.One of the accident lessons is safety distance between tanks too small.After a tank burnt and exploded,the other tanks came under fire damages and a series of explosions followed with more casualty and loss.


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