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Protection by Painting White on Tank Surface Writer:Cheng Li Date:2016-02-23

It is common to see the surface of LPG storage tank is painted white, in order to reflect the heat of solar flux. The estimated noon value for a cloudless day in summer is roughly 1010W/m2.A black object would absorb 90% of that value, while a white-painted propane container would absorb 20 to 30% of it.The higher,the smooth and cleanliness in the surface of tank,the less absorbs heat.

Researcher has used two 100,000L LPG storage tank to make test for the LPG tank heated by the solar flux in the two days of July. Both tanks were not insulated,but white was painted.The tanks with a 16m long cylindrical section,2.9m inside diameter,and hemispherical ends,weighted the mass of contained propane 49,100kg and were filled liquid 90%.This test shows that while the ambient temperature went through a more or less sinusoidal cycle,the tank temperature changed only a few degrees.

The protection is spraying water to the surface of tank to form a water film or a water curtain that protects the tank from fire.Sufficient water supply and dependable operating system will ensure rapid work for the LPG storage tank.

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