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How can we use LPG Writer:Cheng Li Date:2015-09-21

LPG is popular in domestic heating and cooking and in agriculture.Now there are many LPG filling stations in country,the LPG is transported by LPG tank trucks.

LPG is used as a industrial fuel for substitute of oil,natural gas and other oil products and in chemical industry,it is always storaged professional pressure vessels such as LPG storage tanksor ball tanks.

In rural and mountain areas,LPG is the sole gaseous fuel facing electricity.

Concerning automotive applications,it is at present the leading alternative motor fuel in the European union with 2.2 million cars,7800 service stations and 1300 buses.

As a motor fuel providing a reduction by about 15% in CO2 emissions,it offers an immediate solution to air pollution in cities without costly investments.

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