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  • 40 cbm LPG skid-mounted staion

    LPG Skid Stations includes one of most experienced skid LPG station manufacturer in the market. Our Skid Systems are used worldwide in many year with great satisfaction.General Specifications :Ready to connect automation systems with Wayne-Dart protocol via Cu ...【View Details writer:Michael Date:2016-05-22
  • Why LPG Storage Tanks are Made Horizontal ?

    It is said that many LPG storage tanks or vessel should be horizontal,and in general observation it is horizontal.I want to know that what is design logic behind it.Originally for large ...【View Details writer:Michael Date:2016-05-08
  • LPG Distribution Chain

    Following is LPG distribution chain:Step 1 Oil & gas productionOil refinery process and refine oil & gas into more useful products such as petroleum naphtha,gasline,diesel fuel and liquefied petroleum gas.Step 2 TransportationLPG is transported from on ...【View Details writer:Michael Date:2016-05-05
  • How to Build a LPG Station

    People all over the world need fuel for their cars, trucks, and their lives, LPG gas is widely used. Gas stations can be good investments and profit margins have been growing in recent years. However, successfully opening and running a LPG s ...【View Details writer:Cheng Li Date:2016-03-25
  • 200 cbm LPG Storage Tanks Put Into Production

    The company ushered in the opener of pressure vessel manufacturers, producing a large chemical companies bidding for LPG storage tanks manufacturers. Our company with excellent quality, ...【View Details writer:Cheng Li Date:2016-03-10
  • Chengli Company aquired the ASME Certification

    The ASME Certification Mark is used to indicate that the stamped item(s) conform to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC), as well as the Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) Standard.Chengli Specail Automobile Co.,Ltd has manufactured pressure vessels for ...【View Details writer:Cheng Li Date:2016-03-09
  • LPG Tank Truck Equipment

    LPG tank truck is a motor vehicle designed to carry liquefied petroleum gas on roads. Many variants exist due to the wide variety of liquids that can be transported. Tank trucks tend to be ...【View Details writer:Michael Date:2016-03-06
  • The Hydrostatic Test Of LPG Storage Tank

    LPG storage tank is used for storing LP gas with 18 bar pressure,we need to make the hydrostatic test to inspect the quality of pressure vessel product in the manufacture process.The fo ...【View Details writer:Cheng Li Date:2016-03-04
  • Safety Valve on LPG Storage Tank

    The safety valve plays an important role in the outcome of a fire impingement. It performs the safe discharge and avoiding a lot of over heated liquid producing by releasing the inside pressure of the View Details writer:Michael Tu Date:2016-02-22
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