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Handle And Storage Portable LPG Writer:Michael Date:2016-05-08

A variety of industries use LPG cylinders for many applications. Storage and handling of  these cylinders depends upon the type, size and use. 

A few storage and handling requirements apply to all these LPG storage tanks . Of primary interest is the flammability of LPG at temperatures between 0 and 120 degrees F. This guide will discuss the storage and handling of portable cylinders smaller than 100-pound gross weight, but not the small butane single use canisters used in the food service industries. 

Most liquefied petroleum gases used in industry are not classified as toxic. The greatest hazard in working with these LPG storage tanks is the risk of fire or explosion.

Common uses for LPG include:

Acetylene for welding and cutting is dissolved in acetone to reduce the chances of auto-polymerization. This allows high-volume storage of acetylene at low pressures;

Propane for lift truck motor fuel is normally mounted horizontally in a specially designed bracket. Specific training is required to avoid mis-mounting the cylinder;

Propane used for other motor fuels may be attached for use of the liquid or the gas portion of the fuel. Cylinders designed for use of liquid fuel and those designed for using the fuel as a gas must be stored separately;

We usually use LPG storage tanks to storage LPG and fill it into small cylinder.

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