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Emergency Shut-off Valves Applicaion for LPG Truck Writer:Cheng Li Date:2016-02-24

A very important function of the typical LPG storage plant is to transfer LPG into LPG tank truck for delivery to customers.How efficiently and rapidly these LPG trucks can be filled often determines the number of customers that can be served each day,as well as how many LPG tank trucks are required to satisfactorily serve all customers.Therefore,the selection of an ESV for the LPG trucks liquid loading line should be done with care so as to maximize efficiency in filling and have year-round dependability.

The liquid Emergency Shut-off Valve has a full open port so that the restrictions of flow would be no more than you would expect through an equivalent length of 2” schedule 80 pipe. To improve the overall efficiency of the system,the valve was also designed as an operating valve so it could replace an existing globe or angle valve already installed at the end of the fixed piping. Thus,installing an ESV could actually result in a more efficient pumping operation than the existing system.

Equally important in the consideration of an ESV is its performance in an emergency,especially LPG tank trucks pull-aways.According to the NPGA,it is the LPG trucks filling transfer process that produces almost 99% of all bulk plant accidents and fires.Therefore,when selecting the proper ESV for LPG tank truck filling,also consider the dependability of performance,and simplicity of operation and maintenance.

Emergency Shut-off valve is widely used on many pressure vessels such as LPG tank trucks .

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