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New LPG Tank Truck Purchase Writer:Cheng Li Date:2015-10-07

Purchasing a LPG tank truck is more common than renting one in some parts of the country. A propane tank purchase price will generally include the piping from the LPG tank truck to the house as well as all regulators, fittings, gas and other installation related parts. These costs associated with a tank purchase are common throughout the propane industry and are explained to customers prior to the installation. Most companies will not sell and install a tank without filling it with propane. Nor will a dealer sell a tank to an unlicensed individual for installation by themselves. If choosing to buy, the gas company selling the tank will likely have financing available for qualified buyers or the tank can be paid for at the time of installation. One of the primary advantages of buying and owning the tank is that the customer can buy propane from whatever gas company they choose. Other issues to consider with buying a LPG tank trailer:

Tank financing is often available with approved credit with one year terms.

Warranty on tank, parts and labor should be discussed with the propane company prior to purchase.

Propane prices sometimes differ for customers that own their own tank.

Selling your home doesn't burden the next owner with acquiring propane service as the tank is part of the sale.

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